Friday, April 17, 2009

I am off to Boston!

Here I go again! Not sure why I torment myself like this...
The good news is I am injury free.
The bad news is I have no excuse for not running fast!
The good news is I am going with many of my running friends.
The bad news is Garth declined to join me this year (it's a tough job being a spectator, especially at Boston's out and back with hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans cheering the runners).
The good news is the temps should stay chilly (great for running).
The bad news is the storm you all had in the west is headed to Boston on race day (rain gags me).
The good news is I get to stay an extra day to relax.
The bad news is the pain my body will be in on that extra day.
The good news is I have already packed.
The bad news is my suitcase is bursting and this trip is only 4 days and 1 person!
The good news is I will have a fan at mile 4 (my great college friend, Sara)!
The bad news is I can't stop and have lunch...hmmm...this gives me an idea.
The good news is you can track my progress on Monday during the race as I hit 5-6 timing mats on the course.
The bad news is you will most likely see my time get slower and slower as the miles go on (the race goes downhill for the first half and up the second half).
The good news is the promise of "run and not be weary"
The bad news bad news here. I am going with that!
I am off to Boston!
If you want to track my progress check this out:
Now you can by using AT&T Athlete Alert. To track your pre-race favorites, simply text RUNNER to 41234 and you will receive an SMS text message asking you to reply with the bib number of the runner you would like to track.Visit
Once you've signed up, you'll receive the same updates as you will for your friends and family as they make their own way from Hopkington to Boylston Street. The service, available to US mobile phone users, will allow anyone to register for any of the elite bib numbers published on the Boston Marathon website and receive SMS text
If you don't want a text alert, you can just go to the website and see my progress as I cross the mats!
My bib Number is: 12577
Remember the race is Monday and starts at 10 am eastern time!


Tiffanie Novakovich said...

I am SO getting text message updates. How cool! Can't wait to see how you do. Run fast!

shawni said...

I can't believe you're doing it again. I'm so proud of you! Think of Wellesley (Elle) when you run through Wellesley. Good luck!!! We'll be rooting for you!

Trisha said...

Good luck Heather! You're amazing.

Jean Allen said...

Go Heytar! I'll be thinking of you!

sara said...

You are one amazing woman!!!! How fun. You are going to be GREAT. Run fast! Run strong! I'll be thinking about you!

The Rowles said...

Congrats!!! I checked out your time, nice work! I just ran a half and now will be out for a few months due to my condition. My bellie keeps getting bigger. But I hope to be back in the game next year. Boston someday. I love bragging about "my cousin that is running Boston" thanks for that.

Jean Allen said...

You did great! Congrats!

sara said...

So sorry we didn't get to have dinner or something - next year I'll make you go out BEFORE the race. Nice running! Your time looked GREAT to me! Hey, we saw you on tv right before crossing the finish line. You took up the whole screen (and we were watching on a 52incher) and looked awesome! Joe recognized you (I wasn't looking - but we rewound you) - and he's never met you! Hope you're feeling well and can walk!

jaromandcynthia said...

Good luck, you'll do great! Boston is the greatest city on earth! have fun, enjoy the experience!