Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busch Gardens

Spring break was sure fun last week.
The best part was our day trip to Busch Gardens amusement park. It was the only warmish day of the week. So everyone was there...
...I saw many of you!
I loved Busch Gardens!
Besides the masses of people (I am not crazy about crowds) we had a wonderful time. If you purchased a one day ticket, it gave you an automatic pass through September. Great investment for our huge family.
The greatest of greatest was the fact all seven of us could actually go on rides together! There have been many many years where Garth would wait on a bench with one or two smaller children while I took older kids. We would do the switch-r-roo never really able to all spend time together. There also used to be that huge stroller we had to maneuver around everyone. Ashton didn't mention it once. Ahhh! No more stinky diapers to change. Baby food. Finding a place to breast feed. Crying cranky nap deprived kids.
Awesome indeed.
We did have a bit of the following in our new stage:
1. Sommer texting the whole time in line rather than chat with her cool mom.
2. Calvin giving me one word answers...even with a totally cool mom to hang out with.
3. Lovely sibling squabbling.
4. More sibling teasing leading to escalated screeching.
5. Lots of BIG adult-like eaters costing us a small fortune.
Nothing a little tweakin' can't cure!
Our favorite family ride was the Big Bad Wolf roller coaster. Even little Ashton was tall enough (thank goodness he is so tall for his age) and absolutely loved this ride!
It was a super day!


Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Can't wait until I get to that stage... Sure sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Monica said...

Strange...we actually went there too. Didn't see you all there. Ours was a very spontaneous trip coming from the south since we had been in NC. Glad you all had fun!

sara said...

hey Heather,
haven't checked in for a while. Looks like you guys are doing well. Spring break sounds great! Got to love that we are hitting that "next stage" in life. I can't believe little Sommer is texting?
How time flies.

shawni said...

Hey Heather. Sounds like SO much fun. That'll be weird ot get to that stage some day. Dave will have a very big celebration. Miss ya.

Alex said...

That sounds like fun, we love Busch Gardens...the Big Bad Wolf is my most UNfavorite rollercoaster though, too jerky!