Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I ramble...

Not anywhere near as cold as Alaska (Anchorage hitting 15 below) but man is it cold!
It hasn't snowed yet.
But I am prepared...I bought all of the kids boots at Target (just in case). You know what will happen if it does snow...all boots will vanish (not to mention gloves, hats and snow pants)
I have to run 12 miles tomorrow morning and the temperature will be a smokin' 20 degrees.
At least I have someone to talk to and he too will suffer.
This is by choice...what's up with that?!
Have you seen me limping?
I participated in a simple toning class at my neighborhood clubhouse on Monday.
No kidding, my quads haven't been this sore since I ran my last marathon. I actually have to go down the stairs backwards (try totally works when your quads kill).
I guess doing 3 million reps of anything will take its toll.
Am I toned now?!
Have you seen my spiffy new rental car?
A minivan...can't quite say it's me.
I miss Suburban.
I hope to see him soon...shiny, dent free, and totally filled with trash I didn't get around to clean out before the accident.
I have been watching WAY too much TV lately.
I love American Idol
I love 24
I love "the City"
I love Top Chef
I love Biggest Loser
I love the Office
I love 30 Rock
And with that...I must painfully limp up the stairs, lay out my running gear, get warmed up in my four layers of comforters, and settle in for another night of TV.


just jen said...

i love tv too.

way too much.

Jayne said...

just jen made me laugh. i love damages. with glenn close. gotta watch it, it's really good.

Anonymous said...

"House" "Bones" American Idol" "The Mentalist" "Top Chef"