Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, Ice and Rain Day

We finally got it...A SNOW DAY!
Our first snow of the year!!
We pulled out hats, gloves, snow pants, boots...
Searched for sleds and snowboards...

The kids immediately headed for inclines located in various neighbors yards.
Sledding began!
Snow forts began to form in strategic areas.

Every available flake was needed (we only got a few inches).

Joey got in on the action.
And was one happy pooch.

And then the snow stopped and it began to sleet.

Ice began to form on everything.

The following morning, school was cancelled.

A glaze of ice shimmered from every surface.


I had to run 8 miles. There was no way I was going to do that on a treadmill.

It was time to pull out my YAKTRAX!

I ran the icy slipping, no sliding!

I felt like an Alaskan again! Many times, I had run on ice and snow.

No excuses.

Such a simple device...solving big problems!

Calvin took full advantage of the icy driveways.




his way to some cold hard cash!

...he is extremely sore...

and happy.

Later that day, the rains came down.

Ice gave way to dripping...

Everything is melting.

and Wet (how many times have I thrown wet snow clothes in the dryer??).

Bet you ten bucks school will be cancelled again tomorrow (or at least delayed)

Only in Washington DC!


Kristen said...

How'd the running in the ice go? And what are those things called?

Trisha said...

Brrr...That does look fun, for about 20 minutes. :) I finally did get to wear a sweatshirt today. Maybe I can wear it for another week before the sun comes out for summer.

Goose said...

Joey looks so cute in the snow!