Friday, January 23, 2009

Hole in the Pocket

Today my friend Jamie and I went for a 16 mile run on the WO&D trail that runs from Vienna, VA to Percyville. Not sure how many miles the trail is, but it is long and a great place to run/bike.
We were thrilled because the weather was in the 60's and we wore shorts.
Yesterday I ran and was bundled and wearing the opposite of shorts...
Typical Virginia weather (tomorrow will be cold again).

This was our longest run this training cycle so we were definitely feeling aches and pains as the miles whittled down.
When we had 1 to go, we were thrilled.
It happened to be up hill.
But when you can see the end...
it thrills.

We did our usual food talk at this point...planning our pig outs for later in the day (come on...that is why I run people).

We approached our cars and Jamie reached into his pocket to retrieve his key (by the way, I always throw my key into my running partner's car).

No key.


His key had fallen out of his pocket somewhere on our 16 mile run.

My key is in his car. Our phones are in our cars.

I have been here many times and know a fire station is a few yards away.

I decide I need to give it a try and see if they will help.

I look like a sweaty sight.

Almost emergency level.

I hobble over.

A fireman comes out.

We wonders if I need medical attention.

I tell him our plight.

He tells me to stay put and gets his co-worker.

Blessed day...his wife is a runner...he is a kayacker (he has lost his keys in the water before).

He tells me they aren't allowed to do this unless a child is in the car.

But he understands...

He gets to work, knowing this is sort of an emergency (just look at us).

He has amazing skill and great tools (did that sound bad...fireman are sexy though).

Door is open within alarm bonus bursting our eardrums.

We thank them over and over again and tell them their secret is safe with us.

They pray the alarm will stop so they don't have to hear it all day.

It does.

I drive Jamie home...he has to get his key and will eventually go back to retrieve his car...

After he finds his spare.

Or he brings his bike out to search the trail.


A small hole.

A huge thanks to Leesburg's Fire Station.

A Great Run.


Gina said...

Man, you have so many adventures!

shawni said...

I'm so glad there was a fire station close!

Trisha said...

How do you always get the best stories? Glad you weren't stuck on the road forever!