Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am pretty sure I actually ran the Boston Marathon on Monday, especially due to the pains I still have in my right heel and both quads. But here is some proof:

Click (then got to Boston 2008 and put Porter and 16899 for my number) to see some of my various running emotions such as:

Overly Excited for it to be Over
Totally Tired
Overly Excited for it to be Over (see finishing pics)
Not planning on running longer than 3 miles for awhile



Monica said...

That's awesome Heather. Love the photos! I feel like I was there now. That's so cool that they take shots of you along the way!

Kristen said...

Great pictures. It didn't even look like you broke a sweat! I can't believe how many they took of you too, were they following you around? Congrats!

Cherilyn said...

You are so amazing. You looked too cute in the pictures! Did you see Lance?

shawni said...

I didn't comment among the sea of other comments on the rundown post because it may get lost in the shuffle...Just want you to know how proud I am of my good friend Heather and man oh man I can't believe not only that you did that, but that you seriously are thinking of doing it again. You are amazing. Great job!

amyburb said...

Congratulations Heather! What an accomplishment. I love that Donna put your name on your shirt for you!

The Novakovichs said...

You should try swinging your arms while you run instead of holding them above your head the whole time. It's much more efficient.
Nice job,
Matt & Tiff