Monday, April 28, 2008

Mouse in the House

Why are we so scared of mice? They are extremely small, harmless and quite cute. We live across the street from a farm house, thus making our home a great location for numereous mice over the years. We have always had an pest control service to control the ever so cute mice that have come for visits, but we had to cancel them a few months ago (darn gas prices!). I thought we would be okay since we have our very own cat (altough I did ask our pest control guy last year if all cats had mice capturing skills...he said no...darn cats), minus her front claws. What she lacked in cat killing ability she had what I call, "mouse location sites skills."

About a week ago, I noticed Misty (our feline), hanging out extensively by our fridge. Hours and hours would pass as she sat transfixed at the floor...I tried to ignore the reality that we might have a new unwanted houseguest...

Today Joey decided he too held the "mouse location site skill" putting his nose to the floor right by a shelf in our entry way. I thought he might have lost a toy behing it. Thoughtful me, decided to move the shelf to retrieve his desired toy and immediatly saw it...the MOUSE! I screamed (that is what we all do when we see a mouse right?!). Joey ran and hid in the family room (what good is he...come on...he is much bigger than that mouse and they are so cute, refer to first paragraph). But at least I knew the truth...MOUSE IN THE HOUSE!

After the mouse was scared out from behind the shelf, it made a mad dash under the bench. The rest of the day, Joey stayed clear of the frightening invader and Misty made herself comfy and began camping out in hopes of an attack (no front claws? not sure what kind of attack she was planning...). I did see her crouched low, watching under that blasted bench, eyes quickly moving from side to side...eeeww!

When the boys got off the bus, I told them all about our mouse situation. Calvin immediately asked if he could shoot it with his airsoft gun. Ethan wanted to feed it a bit of cheese. I decided to stir things up a bit and asked Calvin to help me lift the bench. We both took an end and slowly lifted up the bench. Misty quickly went into action and made her way under the now exposed bench site. Cal and I were totally blinded,having no idea what was happening beneath our feet (I was cringing hoping that if the mouse did come out, it would take Calvin's side due to the flip flops I had on). When all of a sudden, all hell broke loose. Misty grabs the mouse into her teeth. Calvin and I start sceaming like little girls as we see the mouse flailing in her mouth. She freaks out and releases the mouse (I think this might be her first catch) and high tails it upstairs. The mouse makes a scurried run for it back under the shelf.

So much for animal help. Garth is headed to Lowe's as I write this tail (little furless pink one...ewww!), I mean tale to pick up a trap.


Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Eeek! You are brave. We just watched Stuart Little this afternoon. Maybe you should keep it? It would keep your pets happy and amused... Good luck.

Monica said...

I wished I had been there. It would have been hilarious to watch you all freak out...course I would have been on top of the couch watching from a far!!

Kristen said...

I can't believe that you were so brave to do that! We had one in our kitchen and I sat on the kitchen table with all three kids calling anyone that I could think of to come over and help me. Luckily Shannon Jensen (no fear) came over to set the trap, then stayed out of the house until Dean came home so that he could empty the trap. Hopefully you can get it.

Cherilyn said...

Your boys reactions were priceless! We caught two mice in our CA home using the sticky pad things. The mouse gets stuck and dies trying to get off of it! Jim and the boys thought it was way cool! I for one thought it was gross! Good luck!