Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What to Blog About...

I could blog about all of the Halloween candy I have been eating (just found an entire bag of Reese's...I ate 3 so far today...oops just ate another). Should I mention the amount my kids have been eating?! With five kids, three of which stayed out for hours, only can bring about mounds of the stuff. I keep telling myself I am going to throw it all away, or donate or freeze it...but I can't.

I could blog about the crazy afternoons I have created for myself. I now have 26 piano students and it might be killing me...slowly. I really love it, I do. It just is a lot when five darling kids come home from school, homework needs to be done, dinner prepared, etc. I get calls or emails every other day with moms wanting their kids to take from me (love the compliment), I can't seem to say no. Even when Garth peers into my office as I am talking with them, shaking his head and more. But how grateful I am for the extra income it has provided us during hard times. It's just a lot.

I could blog about the hours of TV I watch each night, many of which are a total waste of my time. I try not to tune in but it calls me...every evening at 8. It's kind of like a time card. I literally "clock out" and begin my zombie-like ritual over and over and over again. I need to stop. But if I did, I would just turn to reading and that usually isn't the scriptures at that hour.

I could blog about Sommer's 8th grade math that I can't do. Or Calvin's 6th grade math. Or dare I admit, Ethan's 4th grade math failures on my part. Thank goodness for a brilliant husband. I think we will be okay with his tutoring skills even through High School. What in the heck are math investigations? That don't even add and subtract like I did growing up!

I could blog about my dirty carpet and my longing for it to be burned. Not going there.

I could blog about my car. About 6 months ago I left the sun roof open (I never use the dang thing and the one time...) on a totally clear night. It poured rain and left 3 inches of water in my middle console. Needless to say, my radio didn't work for weeks. When it finally started working again, there was a constant buzzing from one of the speakers...even when the car was off. This of course ran down the battery. After taking the car in, we were informed it would need to go to the dealer and some small expensive part (which can only be found by ripping off the entire front portion of our car) needed to be purchased. Like we have money for that. At least I have jumper cables in my car and I am pretty.

I could blog about the HUGE amount of food I have in my pantry thanks to Harris Teeter's incredible sales and cutting coupons. It is the greatest thing ever. I know it gives people the creeps when "couponers" start talking about "couponing" and all of the money they save. But in reality, we just want to share the joy of such a simple thing that can save you literally HUNDREDS of dollars a week. It is so dang simple.

I could blog about Brittany. I get to watch her every Tuesday. She has NBIA, a rare genetic disorder. In only a few short years, she went from a normal child to one that is fed through a feeding tube, can't walk or talk. I have learned how to feed her, drive her wheelchair (haven't crashed yet), give her breathing treatments and in an emergency, give her oxygen. She even has her own elevator. She is a beautiful 14 year old girl who loves the Jonas Brothers (this week I found all of their music videos on YouTube, and we watched each one while I feed her. She thought it was really funny when she accidentaly knocked off her feeding tube and it went zipping around spraying us with her formula. And she laughed even louder when I didn't mix up her pills enough in her tube and it clogged the whole thing. I was there holding her syringe full of formula calling out to one of her parents (who had just got home from a walk and were upstairs getting dressed). I said loudly, "Sandy?" "Rich?" "Anyone hear me?" Help?! Brittany started giggling. I then shushed her and said I was going to get in trouble. She laughed more. After no answer, I ended up having to hold the full syringe while maneuvering her electric wheelchair to the base of the stairs in hopes of getting her parents attention. She laughed the whole time...even while I bumped her a few times in the process.
It has given me pause seeing this little girl with so much joy! She can't speak but yet she communicates. She can't walk, but through her loving parents, is able to see the world. She depends on help 24-7 and she gives those that serve her, so much.
I have a tendency to rush through life. When I am with Brittany, my life slows for a moment and I am reminded to hush the rush. I look forward to my time with Brittany.

So I guess that is what I am blogging about today....


jaromandcynthia said...

Life is crazy and busy, but it's these times we reflect what's truly important, and what a blessing children like Brittney bring into our lives, how wonderful and crazy life it. We just have to learn to enjoy it! Good to hear about you and the fam, just start learning to say "no" now and then!:)

Chris said...

love the post.

Trisha said...

You're my really are. I hope I can be as great as you one day.