Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am Not Sick

I am totally not sick. Even though I have somewhat of a cough, I am not sick. I ache a bit, but no way am I sick. My eyes are sore, but nothing a little sleep can't cure. Calvin was home with a 102 fever a few days this week. Nope, I don't have a fever (I have checked a few times though), therefore not sick.

Tonight I feel sick though. A little cough, a little ache, my eyes fever. I guess I should go to bed and give another day of "not being sick" a try.

There is absolutely no time to be sick anyway!

This week:

1. Spent all day Saturday with the General Primary President training all primary presidents in our region (awesome indeed).
2. Sunday drove Sommer to the Washington DC temple to hear/see Sister Dalton, the Young Women's President speak to all of the Young Women in the region (awesome indeed).
3. Two kids to dentist, haircut, Visiting Teaching, was visit taught...
4. Watched Brittany solo for the first time. Her feeding tube was only knocked out three times thus spraying the both of us with her formula. When her mom came home, she assured me this happened often and while I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, she went to hose down Brittany.
5. Planned a bridal shower for a friend with one week notice...a super success...whew!
6. Let Sommer stay home from school and took her on a New Moon and lunch date.
7. Ran way too much (training for a 5k race next week where I hope to get a personal best)
8. Had our Christmas photos taken (love them) and then had cards I haven't even thought about sending them yet).
9. Stained our decrepit swing set (nightmare)...thanks Calvin for all of the help...other 3 boys, not so much.
10. Took two older boys on date with Garth and I. A little bit of a bust when movie was sold out. time to be sick!


shawni said...

Get some rest! I can sure relate to "not being sick." It sounds like things are crazy around there. Miss you.

Trisha said...

You constantly amaze me. You are super mom for sure!