Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trip to DC...the 8 mm film way!

We took a trip to Washington DC last week. We were lucky to have friend extraordinaire, Vicente with us on our journey. He is amazing at documenting our adventures through film. This time was no exception. But instead of his awesome top of the line camera, he only had his old fashion kind...remember those? They used a canister of film (that if left in the car might make pictures look faded) and one had to actually manually forward the film for each shot!
Well, I am amazed at the "coolness" of these pictures. Vintage all of the way baby!

Here we are entering the metro.
and here Sommer is after a day of DC, relaxing in the dusk of the day with Joey.

Ashton searching for treasures in this bead infested toy I got for .25 cents at a garage sale.

This shot was taken outside the museum as the kids tortured pigeons.

As we left the metro, we saw this nice gentleman selling candy. Perfect! The only problem is the amount of time it took for my kids to select one treat.
Although we did have much complaining, a bit of teasing, one really good tantrum (which I will post), tired feet, we had a ball checking out the Natural History and American History museums along with the thousands of tourists.

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