Sunday, May 4, 2008

What is Worse Than a Mouse?

...a TICK!

That is the Porter consensus. We don't like ticks. Nasty little buggers. We went for a Sunday walk in our usual wooded park trail by our house. I think each of us all had at least one tick during the walk. Calvin counted 9 on himself. Garth had 2 of those pesky microscopic lyme carrying deer ticks. Even Joey had a few...hopefully his tick/flea meds are working.

Mouse Update:

We still haven't caught the blasted intruder. He doesn't seem to like peanut butter or cheese. Maybe chocolate?! I am going to try this next: click here

Any ideas?


Jean Allen said...

When I got Sandie groomed, he had a tick on him, too! I guess they are abounding in this area.

Cherilyn said...

Scott is taking meds for Lyme Disease. Maybe your family has already had it but it really freaked me out when it started to get sick from it! I also want to say that you are sooooooo lucky to have such great inlaws - oh how I envy you and how close they are : )

Amber said...

Heather, you crack me up. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.