Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cleaning and Climbing

The boys having a super time! Tate was amazing for his first time.
I love to rock climb too!
Don't worry, Sommer was just resting after a big climb.

On Saturdays at our house, we spend the morning doing jobs. The kids get so excited about cleaning! Not! They especially love when I sing the song, "When your helping, your happy, and you sing as you go. For you love to help mother..." Not! I assign a task to each child. After they finish that, they get another and so it goes until everything is clean. They all moan and groan as I keep giving them things to do. "Not another job," is a comment I hear often. But I tell them that we keep on trucking along until every job is done!

Well today I told the kids that after they cleaned we would go do something really fun. They all picked Rock Climbing! That worked out perfect because it is free at our gym. First we went to McDonald's for lunch (come on, I wanted to keep our newly cleaned kitchen sparkling!). I told them I only had $10 and had to feed everyone on that amount. $1 menu all the way!
After 2 hours of climbing, everyone was exhausted. We had such a super time.


shawni said...

Sounds awesome...we need to utilize the wall at our gym.

Heidi said...

Hey Heather- your kids are growing so fast. I can't believe you have your last at preschool!! I am glad mine aren't the only ones who complain about chores.

Mom N said...

What a creative mom you are!

moombamadness said...

It looks like in your desire to make it to the top first you maliciously pushed Sommer to the floor and left he there unconcious.