Friday, May 2, 2008

Guitar Hero

There are certain things that are worth buying. Things such as our trampoline, Razor Scooters, Bikes, Ramps and Ride On Battery Operated Jeeps are items that are used on a daily basis not only by us, but by everyone (you should see our garage...actually, I don't think you can see it)!

Calvin got Guitar Hero for his birthday from Grandma Gair in January. It is used every day by each one of the kids. I even think it is a great game! The lastest Guitar Hero Addict in our family is Tate (our 5 year old). He begs me each day to come and watch him Rock On! If I say anything or move around while he is playing, he gets upset and says, "You messed me up!" He is so cute to watch!


Ginger said...

I want a Wii just so I can get the guitar hero. It looks so fun!!!

jaromandcynthia said...

Beautiful picture of your beautiful kids! I can't believe how much they have grown! I guess it has been four years!

Cynthia Olson

Trisha said...

Love the serious expressions - you can tell he's concentrating hard on the game! Love you!