Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am a songwriter. This is because, well, I have written a song. Yes, moi, the sister of Hilary Weeks (singer and song writer extraordinaire) has written a song too.  Duh, I totally would be an obvious candidate for song writing with a sister like that.

So...I wrote a song many years ago.  In fact, it was so many years ago, I can't remember when...or why...or even HOW I did it!

Seriously, how in the heck does one even write a song!  I figure, if by some odd chance one could come up with a melody (odd chance it happened to me many years ago) and some lyrics are created, then BAM!, you are a song writer (or at least a one hit wonder in my case).

The song in which I am referring to is entitled, "Pollywog."  It is absolutely the stupidest song in the world, with its catchy nonsensical (totally dumb) lyrics and simple tune.  And yet, it continually pleases audiences of all ages, cultures and classes.

If you don't believe me, read them yourself (and if you are lucky, I'll throw in the melody in the next few days...I am sure you can't wait):


One day I was walking and I saw a dog. Her name was Lucy and she called me Pollywog. I said to her, that is not my name you silly dog. I said to her, "My name is Fred.

And she said,


Polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly...wog.
Polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly, polly...wog.

I went to my house and started to run, saying to Lucy, you ain't much fun.  I have me some legs and breathe in the air, if you don't see it, you really don't care."

And she said,


After the teasing from that old dog, I see myself in a puddle and there stands a frog. Oh my, I sigh and realize on the spot, indeed I was a polly and I had been caught.

And we say...


Is that not a seriously inspirational song?

Not only was it performed while I was in high school on many occasions, it had a four part harmony while I was a missionary in Denmark (I wish I had that recorded). It was sung at my wedding (thanks dad) and played during an awkward moment last year while waiting for a piano student to arrive (full house too). And today I sang it for the middle schoolers in their chorus class.  Bam...a total success.

Now, if only I could come up with some cool dance moves to go along with it (think Gangnam Style) and I would be set for life.

Because I know it is the one and only song I will ever write.  I am totally content with the success that Pollywog has encountered through the years.  But yet, there are still more ears that need to hear and hearts that need to open as they feel Pollywog's power.  Yep, I think the next step is to bring Pollywog to everyone.  I will be talking to my son (guitar player extraordinaire) and his band to see if we can spice up, dance up and totally spread the message of the Pollywog song (or maybe Hilary or another sibling will help). In case you didn't immediately grasp its message, here lies its meaning:

Not everyone is out to judge you, they are simply loving the you, you have become.

Or maybe the message is about judging (and bullying):

Some know it all dog, named Lucy (with her own self esteem problems), is going around taunting and teasing the new kid in town, Fred.  He just moved to the area, just up from the bog around the corner.  Just trying to fit in, he doesn't understand why this mangy mutt is following him around, chanting some "pollywog" nonsense.

It really is a song that morphs (hence the pollywog title) into any meaning to anyone.

I love you "Pollywog" and always will.

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