Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When Life Hands You a Lemon...

...Make Lemonade!

I have decided I am going to make lemonade today...and tomorrow...and the next...!  Starting today, I am going to pour an excessive amount of "sugar" into my daily life.

Yep. That is what I am going to do.

No one is exempt from a little souring that creeps or sometimes simply dumps unexpectedly into rour life.  What makes the difference is how we react to these challenges.

A lemon, unpeeled and sitting in my hand is a rather useless item.  The rind is quite hard and the pulp inside is too sour for most to simply eat (unless you are my dad who loves to slice a lemon in half, put salt on it, squeeze and lick...it's actually pretty darn good).

No one wants to carry around a lemon. And no one wants to be around that lemon either. 

And for the past few months, I have been that lemon.

But everyone wants a tall glass of ice cold sweet lemonade!  Just last week, my dear friend Melanie took me to the quaint town of Middleburg.  There, we found a hidden gem of a shop tucked down a few steps of an old store front.  Tired and overheated from the hot summer day, we ordered the "lemonade smoothie."  What we received was pure bliss. A tall glass filled with the sweetest, smoothest, iciest goodness.

We took our drinks and literally fell into a huge soft leather couch.  There, we not only enjoyed the lemonade, we enjoyed each other...no plain hard ol' lemon in site!

My exterior is a bit like the rind of a lemon right now.  But I am ready to take the seemingly pointless outer peel and create a little zest.

Today I received a text from a friend asking how my day went. Instead of quickly going into my complaining mode, I simply said, "Great." I left it at that. If you take notice, you will see that "great" was not followed by an explanation mark as one might normally put with a word such as "great." Not yet. Not today.  But it is a start. 

Tomorrow I hope to squeeze a little juice, add some sugar and see what happens next.

I may just find that pointless old lemon has turned into a "GREAT!" glass of delicious lemonade.

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