Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lake Loving

We love Grandma and Grandpa's lake house. For years, jumping off the docks have been one of the highlights. I would be the only exception to that rule due to my fear of open water. I WILL NOT be eaten by the creature(s) lurking in the deep murky waters of this or any other lake/ocean/river.

I do like watching the kids and Garth jump in to their heart's content. This video cracks me up at the end. I ask Garth "how is it?" He actually thinks I am going to jump in...like no way.

I do get in every once in awhile (when the kids beg) which then leads to heart palpitations waiting for "the creature" to grab me by the leg and pull me under into the abyss.

If you think I am kidding about this phobia, I am not. Last year I was saved by my friend's purple swim cap as everyone laughed at me trying to swim a few yards in hope's to doing a triathalon in open water.

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Cherilyn said...

I'm banking on your purple swim cap keeping me safe while flying to Peru! I totally understand your irrational phobia!