Sunday, June 27, 2010

Highlights of Calvin's Trip

Calvin was thrilled to miss the last 3 days of school in order to take off on his vacation. In Calvin style, he began organizing everything weeks in advanced, printing off his BYU golf camp internary, making a list of things he needed, calling Grandma to earn some money, that boy was ready to roll!

Aunt Lisa arrived the day before, driving down from New York to whisk him away early on Wednesday morning.

Their first stop was Park City!

The list of activities those two did were absolutely amazing! Here Calvin is doing the bungee jump. I even heard Lisa did a double back flip...that takes talent indeed!

This is Calvin (totally out of order), leaving for BYU Golf Camp. He attended this week long camp, where he improved his golf game, made plenty of friends, ate ice-cream at the Creamery each night, decided hand's down that BYU-Provo was his dream college (he had better get those grades up), and LOVED his golf coach (a lovely young lady on the BYU team). He finished 12 or so in the tournament with around 50 kids from ages 12-17.

Back to Park City. Here Calvin feels like the third wheel as Lisa snuggles up to this "beary" cute date. I think I have a picture with this very same bear while I was at BYU.

This is Calvin in front of the Salt Lake Temple. Temple square is a must see for anyone visiting Utah.

Another adventure Lisa and Calvin went on was river rafting. I hear the water was freezing. But luckily, there were not any major rapids so no one was thrown overboard. I think Calvin threw himself over at some point.

Taking the chair lift up the mountain and biking down was a highlight for sure. Calvin even sustained a nasty injury when he flew over his handle bars.

If you think that was enough fun, you mistaken. The two ventured up in a hot air balloon too!

How cool is that?!

Calvin said his favorite activity was ATVing.

The ride was dusty, so they decided to go as bandits...

Rock climbing was also one of the activities. Calvin was quite the climber according to Lisa.

The also visited Olympic Village. They were able to see all the cool venues from the Winter Olympics from a few years back.

I am missing pictures from the zipline, the alpine coaster and alpine for all I am sure!
Thank you Aunt Lisa for making some amazing memories for our Calvin. We LOVE you!!!


Marsha said...

Wow! That is a dream trip for sure. I definitely want an Aunt Lisa! :) How fun for Calvin and Aunt Lisa, he'll remember that trip for a lifetime.

Lynette said...

Holy there anything they DIDN'T do while he was there...what a fun packed trip!!! I definitely want an aunt Lisa!!

Kristen said...

Wow, Aunt Lisa always pulls through for your kiddos. She is incredible for doing all these things with him too, not just watching. How cool!