Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Happenings

Since I haven't blogged forever, here is a random sampling of our Haymarket Happenings the past month.
It started with the first day of school. More importantly, my first day with no kids in 14 years.
Here is our street's bus stop.
Elementary School: Ethan (4th grade), Tate (1st grade) and Ashton (Kindergarten)
Middle School: Sommer (8th) and Calvin (6)

They are so cute together and such great friends. Calvin is loving his first year of middle school. He even made the football team being only one of two sixth graders who made it!

Then we went to the Renaissance Festival in Maryland.

Garth is the biggest fan of this annual event. And we love to take him!

Here he is getting ready to win an ax throwing contest. Yes, he did win. He says he was born in the wrong time.

The kids think he is a do I (minus the donkey hat).

Very tall man...

Our little Fool.

Our Gossip...

Another fool and a sloth...

They were punished and quickly repented.

And then just this past weekend I ran my first triathlon. The only problem is I still haven't swam or biked...maybe next year. Being on a relay was the only way to go...and much warmer.

Here is my teammates: Stephanie (biker extraordinaire) and Vicente (he could have whipped us in any event but since neither of us swim he had to take that slot).
We ended up getting fourth (by 30 seconds...not taking the fall for that one) out of 20 or so teams) and missing the

Garth was sent to Utah to see the BYU game (I won't mention which one). He had a blast with ALL of my siblings (boo again...wish I could have joined in the fun)! Thanks Matt, Mark, Mike and Hilary for showing him a super time!

Why so dorky?
Love my boys!


Kris & Amy said...

Okay...i seriously doubt your pants are too tight. In your running picture you look SO skinny! Almost scary skinny! Might need to hit the Macaroni Grill! :)

Monica said...

I totally agree..the mornings I get up a little earlier, I feel like I'm more in control those days. I got my stuff out of the way and I can concentrate more on the kids and the things I want to concentrate on. I'm with you though on still working on getting to bed steps!

shawni said...

wow, lots has happened over there in Haymarket! Glad to see all is well. I can't believe how old all our kids are getting. What happened to those days when we were just surrounded with toddlers hanging on us?

Trisha said...

I'm up for Macaroni Grill with you and Amy...when are you coming? :) Dumb question: why do you have the number 33 on every limb? Was it just a silly thing or was it required? And I'm so excited for you that all of your kids are in school. How fun!!!