Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get a Grip

I need to get a grip and start writing on my blog again. I have been so busy I feel like the most I can do is write a one sentence blurb on Facebook these days!

So much has happened the past month:

1. We moved west
2. Had another child
3. Got another dog (and a horse and a coup of chickens)
4. Garth had a face lift
5. Sommer graduated from High School and entered BYU
6. Calvin went on the golf pro circuit and placed!
7. Ethan finished and published his memoires
8. Tate joined the circus
9. Ashton took over as manager at the local McDonald's (mostly for the free chicken nuggets)
10. I retired from running and eat bonn bonns all day.

Wow! I really do need to post more often!

Maybe next week!


Trisha said...

I wish #1 was true!

Hilary Weeks said...

I wish number 10 were true! I just looked at your Alaska pictures. I'm so mad that you are so skinny. Seriously? How did you get all the skinny genes? So unfair. Maybe I could look like that some day if I'd give up the bonn bonns.

Angie said...

Bonn Bonns all day does sound good....

sara said...

Just caught up on the Porters! Sounds like everything is great, except for the McDonalds employee, I am sure you had higher hopes.

Ali F. said...

You crack me up. My favorite was your gratitude list from your vacation. I see Hilary Weeks commented, and am figuring out she's your sister too. You never told me that you had celebrities in your gene pool besides being skinny. I'm suppposed to be at Time Out for Women right now...but i didn't make it. I wish i could have seen her. I miss you.

a10cowwoman said...

Wow! You guys got it going on! We rae nver going to keep up with the porters. Your trip to Alaska looked wonderful.

Shelley said...

You actually had me until #4. Garth would never do that, tummy tuck maybe, but no face lift.