Friday, July 29, 2011

Thoughts On Forty

In a week I will be turning 40.   I was totally fine with the idea until my arm started hurting a few months ago.  I think it's tendinitis.  Simply straightening my arm hurts like the dickens. Garth laughs and says, "You've joined the forties club...welcome."

And then there is the memory loss.  My kids wonder why I ask them something and moments later I ask them again (or at least that is what they tell me).  I guess I can't remember.  Garth thinks it is funny (unless he is the one listening to me re-ask a question). 40?

What about my first mammogram results!?  Grateful to be cancer free but what is up with my ob/gyn calling to let me know he sees "early vascular calcification in my right breast coronary artery?"  Heart disease? Seriously?! I don't eat that much guacamole (and isn't that good fat)!  I could always start exercising...oh wait...already do that. Forties?

And speaking of exercise...yesterday I went out for a ride on my bike.  Four miles in my head started pounding. I had to stop. I took a drink of water.  Loosened my pony tail.  Took off my helmet for a few minutes. I tried everything to relieve the pain. In all my life, I have never had to call Garth to pick me up while out exercising...forties I tell you.

So turning 40 never really bothered me. And maybe it won't since I am only 39 and that is when I am experiencing all these weird symptoms (remember hernia surgery and gall bladder removal).  Maybe next week when I do hit the big 4-0, I will feel better.

I will let you know!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fourth...the Plains Style

We love going to the Plains each year with our caravaning friends!  This year was the best when we were ushered into the huge grassland parking lot to the ultimate spot!  We were all placed right in front of a huge polo field. The kids were able to play and run to their hearts content...the adults sat and chatted to their hearts content...PERFECT.

After a little Frisbee action, water balloon toss and light stick fun, we enjoyed an amazing firework show.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New York Road Trip

In a matter of 5 hours we left VA, entered MD, PA and finally hit NY stopping in Binghamton to visit Aunt Lisa!

 We hung out at Lisa's Thursday evening, seeing a movie, going to dinner and being treated to Italian Ice and Custard!
 The next morning we left for Fayette, the home of the Whitmer Farm, where Joseph Smith finished translating the plates and the church was officially established.
 We caught some brotherly love!
 These two sure love each other!
 And these two do too!
 Our next stop was the Hill Cumorah, where we climbed to the top of the hill where the plates were hidden.
 Below the hill, the pageant takes place.
 When we came 8 years ago, we were too late and were unable to climb to the top of the hill.  So happy we had the chance this go around.
 Here we are in the sacred grove. The place where our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph.  The kids look very excited...remember...we had a lot of car time...squished together.
 We "happied" up for this shot.  The grove was truly amazing and such a peaceful place.
 That night we attended the pageant.  Thankfully both Tate and Ashton fell asleep so it was completely enjoyable.  Garth was consistently giggling at the HUGE arm movements made by the actors so the many people in the audience could tell who was talking. 

We loved when Christ came down off the hill from the skies as he appeared to the people.
 The next day we headed to Niagara Falls.  We were told that the "Canadian" side was much more desirable but with no passports we had to simply gawk at the other side. The American side was rather disgusting and run down.

Here is the Canadian/American border.

 The kids were thrilled to put on their rain ponchos for the Maid of the Mist ride...that was until we all started sweating profusely.

The falls were breathtaking.

 We all got wet.

 We all loved the ride!
 The kids enjoyed goofing around on the rocks along side the falls. Luckily no one fell in...just kidding...we weren't even close.

What an amazing trip!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Loving the Lake!

Days are flying by...thank goodness for FWC (friends with cameras)!  We spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa at the lake.  Aunt Lisa, Cousin Elizabeth and the Whitesides joined us for the fun.  And boy howdy was it fun!

Between waveriders and boats, food and fireworks (Lisa brought the most DAZZLING display), dock jumping and was in full abundance.