Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christamas Was Wonderful

We had a wonderful Christmas! 

Brooke and I had to take this shot following our darling daughters, Sommer and Suzanna's modeling mother like daughter!

After our amazing friends and family left for the evening from our annual Christmas Eve party (Mexican fiesta, Gingerbread House decorating contest, present exchanges and Charades!), we finished the evening with a sibling gift exchange and new PJ's!

 This all happened after a small fight broke out, followed by frustrated parents, threats, lecture and forgiveness.  This led to us reading from Luke, having each family member read a few verses (which Ashton ended up taking over) and Garth expounding on the beautiful Christmas message.
 Early (much too early), we were awakened by all FIVE (I was shocked) children asking for "release" to the family room to see if Santa had indeed come...and did he ever!  We feel so blessed this year (after quite a doozy) to find Garth feeling much better AND with a NEW job! 

 The day seemed absolutely perfect, having the opportunity to go to church for a music filled meeting and great speakers sharing the history and their testimony of each Christmas song presented!  It was pretty awesome if I say so myself (thanks Garth for the help)!

We ended our day at Grandpa and Grandma Gair's (with Aunt Lisa too) where Grandpa plotted the most amazing surprise for Ethan. He asked Ethan to bring his guitar (and Sommer, Tate and Ash to plan on playing a piano piece) to share.  While the other kids were performing, Pop-pop snuck into his room and "exchanged" Ethan's old guitar for a BRAND SPANKIN' RED DREAM guitar Ethan had been eyeing.  As he unzipped his guitar bag, he looked confused and pulled out the coolest guitar. He immediately set it down and ran into Bruce's arms saying, exclaiming, "Thank you Grandpa!"

All the other kids were spoiled too and showered with love and perfectly picked out gifts (and totally spoiled once again).

Happy, Merry, Wonderful Christmas indeed!

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Trisha said...

What a fun catch up! I loved your Christmas card and can't believe how fast those kids are growing up. Love you and hope you have a great new year!