Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Chapter 1: "Joey and Misty"

Recently Garth started calling me Dr. Doolittle. Misty the cat and Joey the dog have been following me around non-stop. I feel bad for them as I take a quick seat at the computer for a few minutes. They will follow and curl up at my feet. Moments later I am back up, headed somewhere else. They immediately get up from their comfy spot and follow. Why?!
At night it gets worse. Misty the cat waits for me to settle down at night. As each hectic day comes to a close, I relish quiet time watching mindless TV from the comforts of my bed. It takes me awhile before I get everything done so I can call it quits for the day. Misty follows me as I tuck the little boys in. Makes her way downstairs as I turn off lights (meowing at this point hoping for a treat). Back up I go as she bounds at my feet. She looks irritated though. I know she is thinking, "How dare she?"
At last I snuggle up in bed and turn on my first show of the night. Within seconds, Misty is on my chest, circling around for a perfect spot. She blocks my view. Her bum is usually in my face on a few of those twirls. I tell her to hurry up and get herself situated. It is irritating. But at the same time sweet. I am Dr. Doolittle remind you. She stays there until I turn off the TV and call it a night. I have told her at this point, her spot is at my feet or nothing.
Where is Joey during all of this? At the foot of my bed. He has tried to jump in a few times but I just can't allow a 75 pound hairy beast in bed with me (Mike...don't make a funny here about Garth). Besides, he smells bad (not Garth, Joey).

Chapter 2: Joey eats Grapes

Did you know grapes are toxic for dogs? True. Joey likes apples but didn't know until last night he liked grapes. He ate a bundle. I called my friend Erika after confirming the danger of such a simple natural item on the Internet. I wanted to find out if I could go ahead and get into bed and start TV time. Misty was waiting and I only had 30 minutes until 24 started!
She told me I should try to get him to vomit. Eew! Not now. I was just about clocked out. And besides, how in the world am I supposed to do that? After coaching me, I loaded up 3 syringes of hydrogen peroxide and shoved them gently down his throat. He wasn't happy. Thank goodness he is a gentle giant. I knew what he was thinking though, "I want to bite this woman! What in the world is she doing to me now (last week it was double ear infection mania...dog style)!"
I was told I needed to wait with him outside for 10 minutes to see if he would throw up. Great. I am in turtle pajamas and Ethan's size 6 furry crocs. Although there was quite a bit of light coming from a full moon, it was dark enough to hide my lovely outfit...I think.
I stood with Joey for 15 minutes as he stared at me wondering what we were doing outside in the backyard and not in bed yet. I had had it. 24 was about to start. I reluctantly headed us back in (only because of Jack Bauer) and figured our carpet upstairs would have to submit to yet another disgusting child/dog/cat withdrawal. I crossed my fingers and let fate and the grapes take over...I am not REALLY a doctor, so what could I do anyway?
Morning came. No mess. A well rested dog came tail wagging down the stairs. Joey...you dog you. By the way, 24 was great. Misty thought so too.


Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Cute post. I'm glad Joey is ok. I think that brute would have to eat several pounds of grapes for it to phase him. I'm so happy there was no vomit in you bedroom in the middle of the night.

Jean Allen said...

Boy, I remember the peroxide routine with Cammie after she ate an entire Chocolate Orange. We shared a whole night of her upchucking (thankfully, or she would have died) and me comforting her and then rushing her outside. Sandie, on the other hand, seems to have an iron stomach!

sara said...

I don't know if I have more comments about the cat/dog situation or the fact that you too are a Jack Bauer fan.. I love 24!!!!!

Joanna said...

I've never heard of giving an animal peroxide! I didn't know dogs were allergic to grapes, chocolate yes, grapes? But I have never had a dog...well briefly when I was four or five but I don't really remember that. You crack me up, so matter of fact. "oh well if he barfs he barfs...Jack Bauer here I come!"