Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pinewood Derby

It was an excited Derby last night when Calvin and Ethan participated in the big event. Calvin redesigned a two year old championship car and Ethan started from scratch both in hopes of coming out on top.

Calvin's silver, blue and red "Patriots" themed car finished strong in second place on 2 of the 4 races. He had a few problems on his last 2 races coming in third both times. This placed him in the middle of the pack and a realization that more effort needs to go into making fast cars (hint, hint, working on car day go).

Ethan, a two week old scout was thrilled to be a part of the big night. Dad and son dremmeled the car into a sleek racing machine. Painted green with a customized BRONCO (compliments of the family artsy-fartsy, Garth), he came to the race with high hopes. They were dashed as his car seemed a bit slow for the competition. But hopes were high as the annoucement was made, "the top three slowest cars" would receive the coveted "turtle trophy." Unforunately, Ethan's car was a bit too fast coming in as the fourth slowest car in the derby.

Both boys (and Garth) had a great time designing their cars and of course racing them! Watch out in 2009!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Four to go

Calvin started it...the flu that is. Thursday night he was dealt the fever card. He was in bed for three days. His little follower, Ashton, snuggled up with him each day, passing the fever on to him. Tate, fresh off a double ear infection, also wanted to get in on the fun and he too has a fever and horrible cough (have you tried vick's vapor rub on the feet with socks at night to calm a great). Just yesterday, I got a call from school asking me to pick up Sommer who also has come down with the HEAT....

Ethan is the only child left...hopefully his robust nature will keep him from the dreaded flu!

...and luckily Garth and I are feeling far

Monday, January 28, 2008

Two Birthday boys...

Finally I am a BLOGGER! After taking a huge breath I decided I needed to figure out how to get my blog up and running. Happy as can be I think I figured it all out. Nothing fancy yet...but at least I can work the page. .

I have loved reading each of yours for the past few months. It is like the morning newspaper for me (and afternoon and evening...). Thanks for your inspiring words, funny comments and the effort you take to keep us all close. What a blessing blogs really are!

I have been totally horrible in keeping up with my Haymarket Happenings email the past few months. I hope for a change of heart for 2008! Now it is time to get Happening!

The Porter's had two birthday boys this month, Calvin and Ethan! Did you know that they had the same due date? Both were due on January 19th. Calvin was born on the 21st and Ethan came two years later on January 16th!

Our kids are allowed to have a friend birthday every other year. This was their BIG year and boy were they excited. We added a little bit more awareness this year by giving them only $100 for their big day. They had three options: 1) take all the money and run. 2) Use all of it for their bash or 3). Plan a smaller party and have some left over for fun birthday spending. We really think it was a great idea.

10 Years for Cal! Calvin chose to use all of his money. He found out how much store bought invitations were, Carvel cakes opposed to homemade prices, and goodie bag expenses. He invited many friends and had his first ever slumber party. They played Guitar Hero all night, wrestled loudy and wildly in the basement, watched movies and had an all around great time!
8 Years for Ethan! Ethan went with the smaller party option. He had two of his closest buddies come over for dinner (hot dogs) and cake. Afterwards we went to the movie, "National Treasure." Each of his friends went home with their own treasure box. He had a great time and was thrilled about having some money leftover for a Target run! We are so excited about Ethan's upcoming baptism on February 9th.

Ethan is looking forward to getting baptised. He has asked us on numerous occasions how he can truly find out if the church is true. We have had many special conversations with him about the wonderful promise from our Heavenly Father, who tells us we can each know the "truth of all things." This sweet little boy wants to know for himself if his decision to be baptised his right. I am so happy someone so young understands the importance of this most sacred ordinance and is willing to take the steps that deepens his relationship with our Savior.
I am hoping for future success as a blogger...(I couldn't seem to get the pictures in the right spot...they kept downloading to the top of my post...oh well!