Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Four to go

Calvin started it...the flu that is. Thursday night he was dealt the fever card. He was in bed for three days. His little follower, Ashton, snuggled up with him each day, passing the fever on to him. Tate, fresh off a double ear infection, also wanted to get in on the fun and he too has a fever and horrible cough (have you tried vick's vapor rub on the feet with socks at night to calm a great). Just yesterday, I got a call from school asking me to pick up Sommer who also has come down with the HEAT....

Ethan is the only child left...hopefully his robust nature will keep him from the dreaded flu!

...and luckily Garth and I are feeling far


Goose said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry they're all sick...I think Ethan will stand strong. Does the Vicks on the feet really work? I thought it was a legend!

Heather said...

Indeed it does...wipe a generous amount on feet and add socks.