Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Fun

It was that time of year again when the whole family packs up the car and heads to the mountains of Massunutten.
This year brought something totally out of the norm...real snow....the kind that falls from the clouds created by cold temperatures. In past years, the snow was made each night by large machines blowing icy stuff on the various runs, while dirt and rocks lined the path of the nightly slick and daily slushy snow.
But after the snowy year Virginia received, the slopes were covered with a lovely blanket of something special.

Sommer took to the slopes ready for her second year of skiing. She was a real trooper, even after I made her crash last year.
I think we could call her our official "ski bunny."

This "bunny" had a nasty face plant in the snow while working on his snowboarding techniques. We were so proud of his war wounds.

Calvin loves to snowboard. This year, Kenny came up and gave some lessons to tweak Calvin's abilities just a bit. By days end, Calvin was whipping down the "black diamonds." He loved it so much, he stayed until the blasted slope closed at 10 pm.

Here at the top of the mountain, two goats hung out with the skiers.

This is our newest skier, Ethan. He had two one hour lessons and came out of the gates with gusto. He mastered the chairlift and dreams of conquering the black diamond trails next year.

It is so much fun doing things like this with your kids! I love that they are getting older and want to get outdoors and do adventurous stuff! I only wish Garth could have joined us but his newly formed bunion number two has been giving him problems. He was a champ and hung out with Ashton and Tate all day.

But don't despair, Garth (and the rest of the family) spent the previous day, at the water park. Garth loved the lazy river, floating in an ever so relaxed state for most of the day. Just kidding. He was actually found triple tubing it down the water slides making innocent mothers scream for their lives as tube and man teetered on disaster.

We love taking our annual trip to Massunutten.
I thought a lot about my dad on this trip. I am so grateful he took the time to teach me so many fun skills. I always revel in the fact I am pretty good at a lot of things! I owe my bowling, hunting, fishing, hiking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing and golfing talents to you dad! Thanks POPS!