Thursday, November 17, 2011

TOFW in Richmond

Man oh man was I in need for "Time Out For Women" this year!  And thankfully, two of my wonderful girlfriends were able to join me in my adventure...thanks Michelle and Jill!

I was SO excited to be able to sit and bask in the wonderful words of the presenters!  I was especially grateful to see my dear friend Shawni and her mother Linda, share their thoughts on motherhood...did I need that!

I was thrilled to hear Jason Wright speak too (an old friend from our Oakton days) not to mention the other presenters that I always love!

And finally I was able to hear Jericho Road, the "mormon" boy band I have heard about for years but never actually heard.  Needless to say, I have a crush or two now!

It was amazing to run into so many friends from my past days in the Oakton ward.  Living in the same area for 18 years will do that...make you a lot of friends...that you get to see every now and again...LOVE IT!

Thank you both Shawni and Hilary for the VIP seats and the opportunity for lunch with all of the presenters.  I felt so loved and my cup was filled!