Friday, April 22, 2011

Boston Marathon Recap

To read all about my Boston for Brittany Maraton experience go here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kids are Cool!

(Ashton being "cool")
You all know I think Brittany is the coolest kid around. My kids are pretty cool too. So are your kids...all rockin'! Kids really do amazing things.

I mean, just today I went to visit Brittany in the hospital (great excuse for me to have Chipotle with Sandy)...yes, she is hanging out there again (breathing issues). When I arrived she had just fallen asleep as her mother was reading to her...a tough night makes for a sleepy day.
As I was just about to leave, she awoke. She forced her tired little hand out from under her sheet and lifted it to mine. I squeezed it. I told her I was ready to run the Boston Marathon for her. The best fun was telling her all about my cool race outfit...complete with BOSTON FOR BRITTANY (in zebra letters) on the front and GOOGLE IT on the back! I think she approved!
So, you know I think the world of Brittany. I love hearing about other children that are "outta of this world" awesome. Can I share the story of Dayton's Legs with you?
Do enjoy this touching story!
We can all so many ways...whether it is our time, our touch, our talents. Don't hold back on giving.
"Be grateful for every opportunity to serve. It helps you more than those you serve."
You can still donate to the Boston for Brittany NBIA fundraiser!